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Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Latest reviews

Sorry for taking my time but the day job has been keeping me very busy lately! Some how I've still managed to squeeze in two more reviews for in-spirelsmagazine so take a look and let me know what you think...
Vigilante Launch

Lyrically Challenged

Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Callaby Magazine goes live

The wait is finally over and it was worth it!

Callaby Magazine was launched online last week and for a first edition it is looking pretty slick. The attention to detail in the design and layout gives it a chic yet user friendly feel and the articles provide a refreshing insight into the world of London's female talents. If you haven't checked it out yet then click here and spread the word:

Also there just so happens to be a feature written by me: I-love-to-ride-my-bicycle

Monday, 10 October 2011

New Job

So guess who is the new events and nightlife writer for In-Spire Lifestyles? Yep it's me!
Established by Sasha Shantel just over a year ago the magazine has rapidly grown in popularity and received a BEFFTA nomination for magazine of the year. I feel priveleged to be part of team in-spire and look forward to writing for them.
Here is my first installment :
I hope you like it and check out the rest of the magazine .

Sunday, 2 October 2011

Finding my way through A.Dot's Labyrinth

If you keep an ear to the underground of the urban music scene then the chances are you have already heard of Amplify Dot aka A.Dot. You might have heard her freestyles, collaboration with Kano on semantics or spitting with other top female Mcs on Female Takeover. 

A.Dot is poised on the edge of the big time and it won't be long before her name is on everyone’s lips. Whether it be talking about the South Londoner's undeniable lyrical prowess ,which can match that of any 'man dem'. Or, whether they're talking about her 'non-conformist' style, which blends baggy jeans and tight tops with sneakers and an immaculate shape up.

I’d been wanting to see A.Dot live for a while, ever since I saw her freestyle on grime daily when she sprayed lyrics as heavy and as tight as the best of them. So I jumped at the chance to check her out at iluvlive and came up with a secret plan to corner her for an interview. First I got to the venue early and introduced myself during sound check. A.Dot (Ashley) was as friendly as I hoped and agreed to catch up later before going on stage. So I went and got some food and had a chat with her super fans Christina and Daniella who were obsessed with the rising star and had even bought her a gift.As the other artists were performing, I went outside for some air and spotted A.Dot’s swagger a mile off: Adidas sneakers - denim shorts worn low, white tee framed with matching red braces.Taking my chance while I could I grabbed A.Dot for an interview before she went on stage and this is what she had to say:
Who is A.Dot?
A.Dot is me, I am A.Dot. Female MC: tryin to get ahead of the game and do my thing.
Who inspired you to get into the game in the first place?
A whole heap of people inspired me to get into the game, but the music that really got me early on was Salt n Pepper, Lauren Hill, that early old school stuff.
In one of your tracks you also reference Missy Elliot.
Missy Elliot was the first person that kinda gave me the nod and told me I could do it so she’s very important to me.
You say you have to get up close to know who you are, does that mean you’re a complex person?
Oh yeah, I’m a labyrinth! Inside me is a maze man. You have to come right up close, put me under a microscope to really figure me out.
Do you also find that people judge you from afar?
Oh yeah! They see me and they see ‘tom-boy doin music’, when I’m actually a well-rounded musician but people judge me on the shorts and hi-tops.
Through your lyrics you come across as extremely confident. Do you find that people respond positively to this confidence or see it as a threat?
I think you need a bit of confidence but you don’t want it to go into having a big ego. It’s a dog-eat-dog world and you’ll be eaten alive if you don’t have confidence.
You’re often shooting interviews in barber shops, when did you start shaving your hair?
I went this short about 3 years ago, I just thought do you know what I’m gonna go short – no one was really doin it yet but a lot of people are doin it now! I know you weren’t doin it then! I thought I’d be the trail blazer.
(For the record I was doing it then!)
Your lyrics are confrontational at times and you never shy away from feminine topics like periods and vaginas. What have been the reactions to these lyrics?
I haven’t really had any negative reactions. When I used “vagina monologues” for a lot of people it was the first 2 words they heard me say so it’s kinda stayed with me. But people seem to like it, sometimes you need a bit of controversy!
Has anyone ever asked you to tone it down?
Not at all, but I think that’s because they know if they ever asked me to tone it down I’d just do the opposite.
Are there any compromises that you would never make on the road to the top?
My style definitely. You would have to beat me, tie me up, strangle me, put socks in my mouth and whip me until I’m dead to get me in a dress!
The females MCs are coming through strong in the UK scene right now but why do you think it’s taken so long? 
I don’t think it generally takes longer for female MCs, it’s just taken longer for us to be recognised collectively. I think now, overall we’re being recognised. People have got an appetite for our music and I think they’re finally ready.

A.Dot's set was explosive and I suddenly understood why she had super fans willing to stalk her down. There is something contagious about the energy that she gives off on stage and you can’t help but want to part of it.  
Personally, I’ve been ready and waiting since Ms Dynamite for more female MCs to step up with hard hitting lyrics and heavy flow. Now with Amplify Dot leading the pack, alongside other big players like Lioness, Lady Leshurr and Shystie (to name but a few) I’m spoilt for choice!
Amplify Dot has recently released her Born Ready mixtape. Download it here: Hoodtapes

Monday, 13 June 2011

Look Mum I'm on TV!

Take a peek at the video of the Stooki Launch Party (for about 30 seconds)! Now you can see how much fun it was and make sure you keep your eyes peeled for the next collection.

Monday, 23 May 2011

Lunar are bringing the bashment back to South East London

Those of you that know me, know how much I love my bashment/dancehall/ grime/dub and everything in between. So you can imagine my delight when I saw the flyer for a new night called Lunar being held in my hometown New Cross.

Not only will I get to shack out all night to tunes played by my favourite Hipsters Don't Dance Dj's and The Heatwave, but when my legs feel like jelly and there's no wining left in my knees I'll only be a hop, skip and jump from my bed!

It's about time the party came to South East and I'm intrigued to see how the vibe will differ from an East London crowd.

Click attending on the fb page Lunar Presents The Carnival Party and come and see how we do it SE style...

I've just been sent The Heatwave - Archive Mix for Lunar to give your ears of taste of what's to come on Friday.

Saturday, 21 May 2011

I've been STOOKIED!

With a free bar serving rum and Redbull and a DJ playing Missy’s I can’t stand the rain, I knew even before checking out the designs that the STOOKI crew had taste. And when I saw the 3 tee-shirt and jewellery combinations I was not disappointed. The pieces come as a single purchase, with only 10 of each design being made for the launch. When I found out that they were selling them for under £70 I wasted no time and put in my order.
As I was on the press guest list (check me out!!!) I was privileged with viewing the STOOKI gear an hour before the general public, which meant I was able to talk in person with the founders of this emerging brand. Firstly I spoke to Luke who happily filled me in on the thinking behind STOOKIE:
How did STOOKI start up? Nadia and Quincey went to Uni together and then they approached me to translate the concept of STOOKI into a brand.
How would you describe the STOOKI brand? The clothing and jewellery reflects youth culture in its many forms, not just ‘urban’ culture. We have an online presence but the designs will be sold through interactive events like this one. We want to see how many ways we can apply the concept and push the boundaries as far as possible.
Next I managed to ask Nadia, the jewellery technologist of the brand, a couple of quick questions.
What does STOOKI mean? It was a pet name of Quincey’s as a child but it has other meanings, that’s the idea of the brand, it isn’t fixed it can mean different things to different people.
Where did the idea for setting up the brand come from? Quincey is the real driving force behind STOOKI, he came to me with the idea and then we got Luke on board. I’m still really overwhelmed with the response we’ve got tonight. This is our first time launching the designs and the support is beyond anything I expected. I used to come here for other people’s events and now everyone is here for us. Wow!
Quincey was much harder to pin down as the venue had already filled to capacity and he was working the room like a pro. I did manage to get my order in and was taken to a much quieter area downstairs to get measured so that my chain could be customised to fit the tee-shirt design perfectly. Apparantly I made the first purchase of the night!
So if you’re tired of being lost in a flock of topshop sheep then keep your eye on STOOKI for innovative designs wrapped up in affordable exclusivity.